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Hybrid & Remote Meetings:  All the Connectivity You Need

Really, our only AV teleconferencing requirement is that your attendees be living somewhere on Earth.

Remote Meetings, also called Virtual Meetings, are designed to allow presenters and attendees the opportunity to interact just as they would in a traditional meeting room environment — all while remaining socially distant.

Currently, we consider “remote meetings” to be any virtual gathering referred to as a videoconference, Zoom, WebEx, webcast, livestream, virtual meeting, etc. These meetings may be spread across meeting rooms at Grand Wayne Convention Center or across the city, state, region, continent, or even across the globe.

We understand that all remote meeting needs are unique — there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some remote meetings  may have a speaker and no on-site audience in our facility; another may have an in-house audience with a remote presenter; others may be spread out between multiple rooms within our facility. Large or small, we consider each remote meeting in terms of how can we best connect presenters and attendees needs, while meeting the event planner’s needs.

To conduct Remote Meetings, we offer three types of systems. Two are traditional “around a table” systems that can be configured for groups up to 20 people. These meetings are a good fit for our Shaffer Boardroom and small to medium size meeting rooms. The third type is for larger, more complex meetings with broadcast grade cameras and operators, slide deck support from multiple computers, and an event producer to stitch it all together. This option provides a seamless experience for presenters and attendees alike. Meetings of this caliber are best suited for our Convention Hall or Anthony Wayne Ballroom.  (Review our facility's floor plans here.)

To learn more about our Remote Meetings capabilites, contact your GWCC Sales Manager.