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We're hiring!  GWCC has Part Time Engineering and Event Host positions open — Apply online today!

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Event Management

Creative, detail-focused event management

Grand Wayne Convention Center's in-house Event Managers are the centrifugal force behind every event, whether for a meeting of five or a conference for 5,000. The moment your event is in their hands, you are connected to all of our in-house teams that will ensure your event's seamless success. From room set logistics to traffic flow to event timing and special features, everything is planned and managed to create the most productive and memorable event.

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With our event managers championing your event, you're directly connected with our: 

  • Full, in-house event planning for optimum logistics event management 
  • 24/7 Engineering teams providing professional room set, individual room climate control, and maintenance solutions.
  • In-house AV Technology team with the industry's best equipment and on-site setup and service
  • Gourmet Catering team featuring our in-house chef and full service food and beverage service options from our fully equipped, 12,000 sf. gourmet kitchen
  • Award-winning "Green Jacket" Event Hosts, who are always available to assist event planners and guests with additional information, security, and solutions.

Additionally, our Event Managers can assist you with a number of Complimentary Services, unique to Grand Wayne Convention Center — FREE add-on features to help planners and guest relax and enjoy the event, our facility, and downtown Fort Wayne.

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CONVERG Collaboration Suite: the new movement in classroom sessions!

By design, GWCC's CONVERG is more than a revolution against traditional classroom style thinking; it’s an experience in creative collaboration that seamlessly converts a group meeting from lecture into micro-teams and back in seconds and without the professional room re-set down time.

Presenters can ignite the core values of engagement — movement, connectivity, and collective creativity. For meeting planners, that means easy, effective, more productive sessions. A full suite of interactive technology* and hands-on whiteboards are available to provide unlimited creativity and meaningful productivity. 

* Ask your GWCC event manager about the full list of Converg Collaboration options!

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