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We're hiring!  GWCC has Part Time Engineering and Event Host positions open — Apply online today!

Ever wonder what goes into making your event so special? An incredible team! When you host your event here, you’ll have access to a full staff of professionals to make this your best event yet, including our Guest Experience Manager, who specializes in guest safety, event experience and engagement, and managing our award-winning service.

Meet Becca! She recently joined the Grand Wayne Center team, ready to collaborate with event planners, GWCC staff, and community partners to ensure guest safety, service, and engagement with a touch of pizazz.

Becca is equal parts knowledgeable and passionate about events: “people usually attend shows for a purpose… but that's not always what they'll remember. Memories are made by the people and things they experience, the surprises they encounter, and the stories they'll tell their friends. To have the ability to build an atmosphere or a situation that creates a memory is pretty incredible!”

We’ve asked Becca a series of questions, allowing you to get to know our team’s wonderful addition. Make sure to say hello the next time you’re here! 


Hi, Becca! A lot of people might not be familiar with the Guest Experience Manager title. How would you explain your role to someone who’s unfamiliar with it?

Think about it like making a cake. The event organizers put together the ingredients they want in their event, our sales managers add our options to the mixture, and our event managers and A/V professionals finalize details and bake it. While the cake is being made, I work with VIP and longstanding clients to create memorable moments for their event, and when everything’s ready, I put that plan into action - much like putting the icing on top!

It sounds like an exciting role! What part of your job do you enjoy most?

Making crazy ideas come to life! We’ve implemented some awesome ideas - giant Scrabble boards, a tower made of two-foot Rubix Cubes, popcorn buffets - all kinds of unusual things to make visitors say, "Wow!" Different people love different things, and incorporating unique interests into the event creates a personalized touch they'll never forget. Seeing event planners smile when they watch their guests enjoy the final product has to be my favorite part!

You’ve already been able to work with a variety of individuals and events. What advice do you have for event planners as they create their event with Grand Wayne Convention Planner?

Remember that guest experience isn’t limited to one thing or a single person. It’s everything: how the tables are set, what time the guests eat, the room layout – even (and especially) the food! Every small detail, from inside the room to the city beyond, is a piece of your attendee’s visit; how those details are taken care of will become their memory of the day.

IMG 7965

The Scrabble board is one of the many GEM projects recently done for groups.

Before starting here, did you have an opportunity to attend an event? What was that like?

I remember being invited to attend a Global Leadership Summit, and I walked through the front doors and thought, "Wow, this building is gorgeous!" I marveled at a lot that day… as nerdy as it sounds, one of the biggest things that stood out was the room layout. I grew up in convention halls that were so crowded you couldn't see the carpet, but for the Summit, the chairs and vendor tables were separated to create walking space for everyone. I was blown away that somebody remembered to do that.

It’s true! We love the facility, too! If you had to choose a favorite room, which would it be?

It would have to be the Gallery. It's so beautiful up there! All the windows let in so much natural light, and it's a beautiful view of the Botanical Conservatory and the Cathedral any time of the year.


Becca in the Gallery at Grand Wayne.

Ok, last question is a fun one: what is your favorite thing to do in Fort Wayne?

Two things: take a bike ride or walk on the Rivergreenway and visit Hyde Brothers' Bookstore. These two things combined are one of my favorite pastimes ever.

Join us as we welcome Becca to the team. She’s excited to meet you and help make your event truly special!