If you’re looking for a chance to dance, laugh, shop, and meet new people, look no further than the Fort Wayne Dance for All. This annual event at the Grand Wayne Center takes place March 1 – 4, and there’s still time to register! Walk-in guests are welcome, with weekend, daily and nightly dance passes available at the door.

The event boasts some notable achievements, including their status as the largest line dance choreography event in the U.S.; and they continue to emphasize the importance of being an event for all people, regardless of skill level, to learn and enjoy dance. It’s a legacy that comes from co-director Jamie Marshall’s own history as the very first female advanced world champion line dancer.

Jamie and her husband, Barney, took over the event 12 years ago, changing the name from the original “Dance Team Showdown” and “Dance-a-Thon” to “Dance for All”, since they describe this as “Truly an event for all people to have the opportunity to learn.” In the past decade, the event has grown in attendance to over 750 people from 22 states and throughout Canada.

With an amazing staff and committed attendees, its no wonder this event is a success. Jamie says it’s also a venue that makes a huge difference. “We love the Grand Wayne. It’s considered one of the most beautiful facilities for dance events in the U.S.  The workers know me by name, and I would never consider leaving.”

This year’s event features notable activities such as

“It’s like throwing a party for 700 of your closest friends over three days,” shares Jamie. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Fort Wayne Dance for All, and we are thankful to have them as continued guests!

Ready to register? Want to learn more? Visit the Fort Wayne Dance for All website for more information.


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  • Capable of serving more than 6,000 guests without sacrificing the quality of food.

  • Enrich your event with a venue featuring 27 pieces of art.

  • Wow your guests with the high-definition, theater-quality sound system, available throughout the entire venue.

  • Banquet capabilities of serving 3,100 in the Convention Hall alone.

  • 40,000 square feet of luxurious, streamlined maple paneling line the hallways.

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