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On the Edge at the Center

The Grand Wayne Convention Center is a savvy, forward-thinking facility designed to give event planners and guests better options for better gatherings. To create this level of hospitality, we purposefully seek and secure some of the best equipment and services to enhance every Grand Wayne guest's experience. Here's a sampling of what sets us apart from other facilities:


Enhancing the Guest Experience

The Grand Wayne Convention Center created its unique, boutique-style Guest Experience Manager position to enrich guest experiences beyond expectation. As our in-house concierge, the guest experience manager collaborates with event planners, staff, and community partners to ensure guest safety, service, and engagement on a remarkably fun and sociable level. Grand Wayne Center's hospitality is a special blend of subtle nuances with a true Hoosier welcome that helps each guest enjoy his or her experience at Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne.



Becca Kaufeld
Guest Experience Manager






CONVERG — The New Movement in Meetings

CONVERG is the Grand Wayne Convention Center’s collaboration experience that seamlessly converts a group meeting from classroom lecture into micro-teams into group dynamics and back in seconds.

By design, CONVERG ignites the core values of engagement—movement, connectivity, and collective creativity—so meeting planners can easily and effectively create better, more productive sessions. Intuitively, CONVERG freely adapts to each session’s creative energy by merging every aspect into a single scope of collaboration and creativity. Smart ergonomics and countless combinations allow facilitators to set and reset the room at a moment’s notice! More importantly, participants are relaxed and ready to engage.

With CONVERG, creativity isn’t dictated by space. By seamlessly adapting to every meeting planner’s need for an inviting, versatile classroom, CONVERG makes meetings more engaging and memorable. No more static, face-forward, brain-dump sessions!

Curious to take CONVERG for a spin? Learn more here and invite your group to experience a whole new meeting style—we’ll help you re-imagine your classroom.


Sensory Kits for Improving Event Accessibility

In partnership with the AWS Foundation, the Grand Wayne Center is proud to announce that sensory-friendly kits are now available for our guests. Designed with light, sound, and surroundings sensitivities in mind, each kit is equipped with a variety of items to make events enjoyable for guests of all ages. For more information, please give us a call us at 260.426.4100 or ask any of our green-jacket hosts during your stay.

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Fun Facts
  • Hear the difference that comes with the only digital sound system in a meeting venue in the Midwest.

  • Set the tone with our “intelligent” lighting capabilities, able to brighten (or darken) any event.

  • Wow your guests with the high-definition, theater-quality sound system, available throughout the entire venue.

  • Individual room climate control keeps your guests comfortable.

  • 8 easy access loading bays widen your event's setup possibilities.

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