Planning the agenda is enough of a priority, right?! Planning the logistics of the meeting, too— well, we’ll do that for you! The event managers at Grand Wayne Center will help you focus on what’s really important: the content, not the drive-you-crazy incidentals, of your meeting. 

While we’re known to throw a good party, our flexible spaces are also carefully designed to serve local, regional, and national businesses by providing more convenient, comfortable, and creative meeting options for a simplified planning experience. From our Board Room to the Convention Hall, we have the space, tools, and staff to help you create your best meeting yet.  

And with so many resources included in your rental fee, we ensure that you are getting the highest quality at the best price. 

Scroll down for even more exciting GWCC features designed to enhance the quality of your meeting and contribute to the effectiveness of your team. 

CONVERG Classroom Seating


CONVERG is a versatile, mobile classroom-style system of individual seats with added desktop functionality and ergonomics paired with advanced presentation technology. Participants are intuitively encouraged to interact as a class or transition into smaller groups within seconds but without the traditional, staff-required room reset.

Guest-Focused Staff Members 


We’ll relieve the burden of the planning and preparation through a variety of methods, including a Guest Experience Manager, who will provide unique enhancements for your event, as well as professional, on-site A/V and support staff to help create the ultimate event experience! We’ll find ways to make it fun, memorable, and effective for you and your team. And with our charming event hosts, there’s always someone nearby to assist your team in any way necessary. 

On-Site Catering 


Imagine delicious meals and courteous service without having to leave your space. Our partnership with Hilton Catering ensures your event’s food and beverages are on time, excellent, and meet your team’s dietary needs.  

You can have it all when you’re in the Center of it all — Grand Wayne Convention Center!
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Fun Facts
  • With 80,000 square feet of rentable meeting space, your events can continue to grow.

  • Set the tone with our “intelligent” lighting capabilities, able to brighten (or darken) any event.

  • Experience 155 miles of electrical cable powering your event.

  • With 225,000 square feet of space, it's easy to see what makes us Grand.

  • Wow guests with meals prepared in the 12,000 square foot gourmet, professional kitchen.

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