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Grand Wayne Convention Center — a premier Midwest meeting and convention facility located in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana — has announced the addition of CONVERG, a versatile, classroom-style suite of furniture designed to generate a more effective collaboration and productivity experience. CONVERG features a versatile, mobile system of individual seats with added desktop functionality and ergonomics paired with advanced presentation technology. Participants are intuitively encouraged to interact as a class or transition into smaller groups within seconds but without the traditional, staff-required room reset.

Grand Wayne Convention Center’s CONVERG offers innovative AV features including ceiling-mounted projection, 72-inch touchscreen interactive displays, multiple video sourcing, and convenient cup holder, under-seat storage, and fully adjustable desktop positioning. Meeting planners and presenters are encouraged to re-think and re-engage the function and design of the conventional classroom as more of a collaboration-oriented session.

“CONVERG is truly a collaboration experience,” explains Barton Shaw, executive director of Grand Wayne Convention Center. “By design, it sparks the core values of engagement, movement, connectivity, and collective creativity. Meetings are more versatile and productive, rather than the traditional static classroom set-ups.”



Grand Wayne Convention Center is located in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, and boasts 225,000 square feet of meting, trade show and convention space, including a 50,000 square-foot, divisible exhibition hall, 18 meeting rooms, state of the art AV, on-site event management and sales, a 12,000 square foot kitchen with on-site chef and staff to serve up to 3,100 banquet guests. The center received the Hoosier Hospitality Award in 2011 and is recognized as one of the premier event facilities in the Midwest. Grand Wayne Convention Center celebrates its 30th year of event management in January 2015.

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  • Capable of serving more than 6,000 guests without sacrificing the quality of food.

  • With an 85% increase in Ladies facilities, our 122 restroom stalls mean significantly reduced waiting time!

  • Minimize time in line with 6 main restrooms in convenient locations for a total of 122 restroom stalls.

  • With 225,000 square feet of space, it's easy to see what makes us Grand.

  • 405 doors and three primary exterior entrances keep your congestion-free and moving smoothly.

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