When planning an event, we know you’re looking for great space and convenient amenities. But what many groups don’t realize is that a great event goes beyond just having a great space. At Grand Wayne Convention Center, we include the adjoining prefunction space in your rental agreement at no extra charge. With added room to breathe, things like registration, social hours, and buffets can be placed conveniently in or around your event room, creating a seamless, sensible arrangment for you, your event, and your guests with plenty of comfortable space to enjoy. 

Our Convention Hall and Anthony Wayne Ballroom guests most frequently utilize the additional space, but we have functional solutions for all groups and every room. We also work well with photographers, decorators, catering staff and community guests to make the most of the beautiful spaces we have to share.

Check out the following pictures for inspiration for your event! Call us to discuss creative ways to make the most of your event. 

Ease traffic within your event by letting it escape the four walls of your space and move into the prefunction spaces.


Incorporate the space into your overall theme, adding extra glamour to wow your guests.  


Displaying large, life-size items is simple with access through our eight Loading Docks


Don’t let your event be limited by four walls. We’re here to help you celebrate with the best use of all our spaces. 


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Fun Facts
  • Wow your guests with the high-definition, theater-quality sound system, available throughout the entire venue.

  • We've installed laser-operated stalls and sinks for improved, hands-free sanitation.

  • With an 85% increase in Ladies facilities, our 122 restroom stalls mean significantly reduced waiting time!

  • Enrich your event with a venue featuring 27 pieces of art.

  • With 80,000 square feet of rentable meeting space, your events can continue to grow.

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