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Event Name:  Missionary Church, Inc. - SHIFT Conference
Event Dates:  7/10/2017 - 7/14/2017
Times:  7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Locations:  The Convention Hall C, Harrison A, The Convention Hall BC, Anthony Wayne Ballroom, The Board Room, Harrison B, Harrison C, Harrison D, Harrison E, Anthony Wayne Ballroom A, Anthony Wayne Ballroom B, Jefferson B, Jefferson C
Client Company Name:  Bob Ransom
Nature of Event:  Religious Convention
Nature of Business:  Religious
Open to the Public:  No

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Fun Facts
  • The original convention center building was completed in 1985 and expanded in 2006 with a total overall construction cost of $26.7 million.

  • 42” plasma screen kiosks located throughout the convention center keep your guests informed.

  • Wow your guests with the high-definition, theater-quality sound system, available throughout the entire venue.

  • Experience 155 miles of electrical cable powering your event.

  • Over 10,000 feet of sound cable so you never miss a beat.

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